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Sustainable Soil Management

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AfroSense 2015

Hosted by the Department of Food Science and the Institute for Wine Biotechnology

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IFLA 2015 IT Section Satellite Meeting

Theme (of satellite meeting): Open Source: transforming information access in libraries

The Information Technology Section is hosting a 2 day satellite conference at Stellenbosch University, 13-14 August 2015, preceding the 2015 IFLA congress at Cape Town.

Libraries have been early innovators and adopters of open source.   The Koha library management system is now 15 years old.   DSpace is 12 years old.  Both are widely implemented in institutions of all sorts, and debate has largely moved beyond the question of whether open source is good for libraries to when and how to implement it and new generations of open source that are emerging.  Projects such as DSpace and Kuali include multi-institution collaboration as a method for project funding and support, while Koha as built a rich, diverse community of contributors around the world.     Wide adoption of open source has encouraged innovative approaches to open source in all aspects of library operation.

The conference will comprise 4 concurrent workshops on the first day and a full day session of papers.

Papers presenting innovative projects, experience, initiatives or services with a strong collaborative cross-border or international dimension would also be appreciated.

Workshops will be held in hands-on labs.  Workshop proposals are sought for 2-3 hour workshops that can effectively illustrate an open source solution, with a focus on:

  • An overview of the software and its capabilities with some hands-on exercises
  • A review of the practical steps to implementation (managerial rather than technical)

IFLA Congress (overall) theme: « Dynamic Libraries: Access, Development and Transformation »


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Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies have ex­panded vastly over the more than 20 years of its history. Originally seen as mostly suitable for Rapid Prototyping (RP), these processes are not exclusively used for that purpose any longer. Intensive research efforts in recent years focused primarily on the technologies for processing metallic powders and showed their huge potential for delivery of end-use components, or to be an adequate complementary to advanced machining. With its more than 1000 systems currently in use, South Africa is swiftly following this general trend.   The Annual International RAPDASA Conference is taking place for the fifteenth time. Over the years it grew constantly in importance both from academic and industrial perspective, as well as in international significance. Having a fully peer reviewed conference and keeping at the same time its industrial relevance, this anniversary signifies a milestone in its own right. In this way it meets its main objective to be a generator of innovative ideas and fruitful collaboration both locally and abroad. The theme of the conference captures this objective, expressing the precondition of engineering education and skills development for industrial growth.

Any enquiries with regards to the conference can be sent to

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Open Scholarship

Date and time - 2 sessions:

Session 1: Wednesday 23 April 09:00 - 12:00 Setting up an online journal

Session 2: Thursday 24 April 09:00 - 11:00 Managing the e-workflow and publication process

Venue: Learning Commons E-Classroom, JS Gericke Library

Please register by 23 April 2014 should you be interested to attend:


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Annual Conference of the Operations Research Society of South Africa

An advanced warm welcome to the 44th Annual Conference of the Operations Research Society of South Africa (ORSSA). The Conference will be hosted by the Johannesburg Chapter of ORSSA, and will be held at Pecan Manor, on the R560 road in the Hartbeespoort valley, west of the lake, from September 13th to 16th, 2015.

The theme of the conference is FutureAnalytics

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Computers and Industrial Engineering

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Conference on Competitive Manufacturing

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International Service-Learning Symposium

5th International Service-Learning Symposium

Please visit the official site at:

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International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment

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LIASA Higher Education Library Interest Group (HELIG)

A series of webinars brought to you by the Higher Education Interest Group of the Library and Information Association of South Africa.

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LSSA / SAALA / SAALT Joint Annual Conference

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Stellenbosch University Annual Library Symposium

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USAN Kongres vir Jong Navorsers / Conference for Young Scholars


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