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Industry 4.0 readiness assessment for South African Industries
Whisper Maisiri, Liezl van Dyk

Last modified: 2019-08-29


Industry 4.0 present technological advancement which are causing disruptive changes that are universally felt at national, industry and company level. Industry 4.0 is happening at an exponential speed and embracing and adopting it is unavoidable for survival and competiveness. Though there is noticeable progress in Industry 4.0 implementation in developed countries, there is uncertainty in preparedness to implement Industry 4.0 in developing countries, South Africa included. The purpose of this research paper is to explore the readiness of South African industries to implement Industry 4.0 technologies and design principles. The questionnaire instrument by IMPULS Foundation of Germany Engineering Federation was used. With this instrument, organisational readiness are evaluated across six dimensions namely: strategy, infrastructure, operations, products, data driven services and employees’ skills availability.  The responses of the survey are analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics method with only one question analysed using a thematic qualitative approach.