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Development of an integrated project life cycle model on gold mining compressed air systems
Francois Gysbert Jansen van Rensburg

Last modified: 2019-08-28


Many South African gold mines are marginal or becoming non-profitable, due to electrical cost increases and unstable commodity prices. Compressed air systems are big contributors to operational costs on ultra-deep level gold mines. Legacy compressed air systems are inefficient with less than 15% of the compressed air generated used for mining. There is a need to implement optimisation projects to increase the energy efficiency of systems. Previous implementations have shown that capital intensive projects often fail due to incorrect processes followed during the project life cycle. An integrated project life cycle model was developed from literature, integrated simulations and practical experience. The model was applied to supply and demand side compressed air projects on an ultra-deep level gold mine. The mentioned projects were designed, implemented and managed successfully with the new model and a sustainable financial impact of more than R10 million p.a. was achieved while also improving service delivery.

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