Upload of an abstract

To upload an abstract:

  1. Log into existing Sun Conference profile or create a new profile - Create Profile / Log In
  2. Once Logged in, go to "Call for Papers" (leftside menu) and follow submission instructions.
  3. Click on ADD AUTHOR to add more authors and complete the details of each author.
  4. No uploaded files are needed.  Type in your abstract and do not exceed 250 words.  Do not include references.
  5. Only students needs to upload their proof of registration (step 3 of abstract submission).
  6. After submitting, you will receive an automated email.


To edit an abstract:

  1. Login to the webpage with your login and password.
  2. Click on the the ACTIVE button.
  3. Click on the title
  4. Click on EDIT METADATA
  5. To add authors:  Click on ADD authors
  6. When you are finished, just click on SAVE METADATA


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