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Ranking Of Effective Indices In Project Performance Evaluation In Technology-Based Company
Sadegh Abedi, Reza Radfar, shahin Fakoori

Last modified: 2012-06-25


One of the important aspects of technology strategy is having access to technology resources and creating appropriate infrastructures of innovation. Companies considering technology as an important competitive advantage, have well-thought plans for technology development. One of these important resources is the knowledge and skills acquired during project implementations which, having relied on an appropriate performance system can be a foundation to be utilized for future projects. However, one of the challenges project-based organizations face is the lack of universality and limitations of the indicators used for project performance evaluation. Therefore, it seems that relying too much on only one or two indicators can deprive the organizations of many principal objective of project performance evaluation. Project-based organizations which mostly operate towards definite project goals feel more than others the necessity of a systematic approach for performance evaluation harmonious with their strategies and goals to well evaluate the performance of accomplished projects. This research aims at solving the above-mentioned issue through recognizing important indicators having impact on project performance and prioritizing these indicators based on group decision making techniques. 

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