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Two Different Process Mapping Methods, Similar Results?
Serge Lambert, Georges Abdul-Nour

Last modified: 2012-06-15


The main objective of this paper is to compare two different process mapping methods (JIT Characterization and Value Stream Mapping) used to help small and medium enterprises (SME) achieve world class manufacturing over a period of 15 years. Our research question is: Can we achieve the same goal and obtain the same results in very less time by only using the VSM approach? To try to answer this question, both methods, methodology and results, are compared and analyzed. 

The result analysis shows, even though the two methodologies differ in many aspects, that they cover the same basic underlying problem of productivity and give similar results on the operational aspects. Even if it needs much less time to complete, the VSM method is a good technique for SME or large corporations in order to improve their processes by helping them define their current state and how to improve it.

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