Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS)

November 6, 2014 – November 7, 2014

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies have ex­panded vastly over the more than 20 years of its history. Originally seen as mostly suitable for Rapid Prototyping (RP), these processes are not exclusively used for that purpose any longer. Intensive research efforts in recent years focused primarily on the technologies for processing metallic powders and showed their huge potential for delivery of end-use components, or to be an adequate complementary to advanced machining. With its more than 1000 systems currently in use, South Africa is swiftly following this general trend.

The Annual International RAPDASA Conference is taking place for the fifteenth time. Over the years it grew constantly in importance both from academic and industrial perspective, as well as in international significance. Having a fully peer reviewed conference and keeping at the same time its industrial relevance, this anniversary signifies a milestone in its own right. In this way it meets its main objective to be a generator of innovative ideas and fruitful collaboration both locally and abroad. The theme of the conference captures this objective, expressing the precondition of engineering education and skills development for industrial growth.


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2. Once Logged in, go to "Call for Papers" (menu at the right hand side or bottom of the screen) and follow submission instructions.

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General info: 26th Sept


It has been a very interesting first day at NFFF!  Thank you to everyone for your contribution to the success of the day.  For tomorrow please note/remember:

  1. The photo will take place at 12:15 just outside STIAS below the veranda.  Please gather there promptly BEFORE lunch.
  2. Please get your talks to Justin, or Claudio, or on the Google Drive well in advance of your slot.
  3. For those who need to sort out financial things with Poppie Gordon, she will be available at teh registration desk at 8 am, or otherwise at morning tea time.
  4. The conference dinner will be on Wednesday (tomorrow) starting at 18:30 at Lanzerac  Some delegates did not register for it, and I'm afraid there are no free seats.  If you're not sure if you're registered for the dinner, see the list at the main desk.
Posted: 2018-09-25

The Final Programme is available for Download

Go to the "Program" tab to download the program  
Posted: 2014-10-30
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