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Master Data Acquisition – A Project Necessity
Dries Odendaal

Last modified: 2013-06-20


The quality of master data determines the value of it to your business and enables your business to maintain a competitive edge over others. 

UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE OF MASTER DATA.  Master data is the vehicle with which all transactions are done.  Cash withdrawal from an ATM requires the core data about the bank client. A maintenance team needs the core information about the spare parts that would be required from the parts warehouse.

MANAGING MASTER DATA.  A well designed system, built to support and enable the business processes in a company, ensures that master data is created and maintained according to international standards such as ISO 8000. 

GOOD MASTER DATA LEVERAGES CAPITAL INVESTMENTS.  Huge investments are made by Corporate Companies to establish well integrated ERP system.  Often the implementation bears unexpected delays and costly rework due to the insufficient attention to master data.  Improve master data and the ERP systems comes to its full worth. 

MASTER DATA ACQUISITIONING AS PART OF A CAPITAL PROJECT.  During the process of purchasing capital equipment and erecting a plant, PiLog engages with the relevant stake holders ensuring that at start-up, the correct spare parts required to maintain that plant, are available.

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