SUNConferences, Southern African Institute of Industrial Engineering 2013

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Improvement Of Plant Facility Layout For Better Labour Utilisation: Case Study Of A Confectionery Company In The Western Cape
Ernst Jordaan, Stephen Matope

Last modified: 2013-06-23


South African companies are generally labour intensive, especially confectionery companies. Labour resources are not effectively and efficiently utilised because of inappropriate facility layout in some cases. This paper highlights how a facility layout can be improved for a confectionery company so as to improve labour utilisation. Optimised Production Techniques (OPT), Lean and other production management methods are used to improve the facility layout. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, time studies, observations on the facility floor, interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SME), production managers, shop-floor personnel and historic data in company reports were used to generate the information required in measuring the labour utilisation for an existing facility layout. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) were identified and evaluations were made with respect to the degree of labour utilisation. Using a Western Cape Province confectionery company as a case study, the current facility layout and its labour utilisation are compared to improved-alternative plant layouts. Alternatives are modelled with discreet event simulation software to effectively evaluate them, and recommendations are then presented.

Keywords: Labour utilisation, facility layout, confectionary company.

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