SUNConferences, Southern African Institute of Industrial Engineering 2013

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Designing a Greenfields FMCG Plant Using 3D Simulation Software
Deon Louw

Last modified: 2013-06-20


Large capex projects often come with a lot of uncertainty. Especially in the design of modern, mega-manufacturing plants where the future demand uncertainties needs to be factored in to ensure that current capex decisions will cater for the expected future growth. Fourier Approach recently assisted with such decision-making through the development of a simulation model for an internationally renowned FMCG company, working in accordance with the design team to test and validate design assumptions for a new manufacturing plant to be built. The objective of the project was to test the design of the inbound and outbound warehouses, validating the storage space and material handling equipment and test assumptions made for the setup of the production plant on whether the production plant will be able to cope with a 2015 forecasted demand. FlexSim, an object oriented, easy customisable 3D graphics simulation package was used utilising its strong discrete event simulation component and combining this with the software package’s continuous flow capabilities. This case study will present the approach and methodology of this project and how FlexSim was utilised to portray the factory to be built along with the different recommendations that were made to the client.

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