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31st Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop

Wallenberg Research Center, STIAS, Stellenbosch, RSA

December 1, 2016 – December 3, 2016

* Importance Notice: Change of Dates

Given the high quality of the abstracts that CGSW 31 received, we are pleased to announce that the conference has been extended by half a day and will now be running from 1-3 December, starting after lunch on the 1st, instead of 2-3 December as initially planned.



Invited Speakers

Roland Hinterhölzl (Venice)

Jason Merchant (Chicago)

Tarald Taraldsen (Tromsø)




The 31st edition of the Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop will be a historic one as this will be the first CGSW to be held in Africa. Stellenbosch University in South Africa’s beautiful Western Cape Province will be hosting this meeting, which will take place on 1-3 December 2016, at the Wallenberg Research Centre at the Stellenbosch Intstitute for Advanced Study (STIAS).

Given the location of the conference, we are very interested in research focusing on lesser studied Germanic varieties, particularly those that have developed and/or been used in contact situations, including “extraterritorial” varieties of continental Germanic. Papers focusing on “non-standard” varieties and on phenomena like code-switching are also very welcome, as are papers considering how aspects of the structure of non-Germanic languages spoken in southern Africa (may) have impacted on the structure of Germanic languages spoken in this part of the world.




Theresa Biberauer (Submissions & Review):

Erin Pretorius (Local Organiser:):

Kate Huddlestone (Support with the online conference system):

Lauren Onraët (Registration & Administrative Support):

Anthea Joseph (Administrative Support)




Submissions open on 15 February 2016 and will close on 31 May 2016 at midnight. Authors will be notified by 1 July 2016 whether their submissions have been successful.

To submit an abstract for CGSW 31, it is necessary to create a login on the conferences.sun system. Follow this link to the submissions page, where you will be prompted to register on the site before making a submission:




We would like to extend a big thank-you to all of our reviewers, listed below, whose enthusiastic willingness to contribute to CGSW 31 we appreciate enormously.

1. Peter Ackema
2. Sjef Barbiers
3. Marijke de Belder
4. Kristine Bentzen
5. Theresa Biberauer
6. Jonathan Bobaljik
7. Anne Breitbarth
8. Federica Cognola
9. Norbert Corver
10. Jeroen van Craenenbroeck
11. Lieven Danckaert
12. Marcel den Dikken
13. Tolli Eythorsson
14. Eric Fuss
15. Remus Gergel
16. Eric Haeberli
17. Will Harwood
18. Caroline Heycock
19. Anders Holmberg
20. Tabea Ihsane
21. Ans van Kemenade
22. Marjo van Koppen
23. Hans van de Koot
24. Marit Julien
25. Tom Leu
26. Terje Lohndal
27. Bettelou Los
28. Jason Merchant
29. Gereon Müller
30. Neil Myler
31. Dennis Ott
32. Gertjan Postma
33. Erin Pretorius
34. Mike Putnam
35. Ian Roberts
36. Dorian Roehrs
37. Martin Salzmann
38. Florian Schaefer
39. Volker Struckmeier
40. Andreas Trotzke
41. Rob Truswell
42. George Walkden
43. Andrew Weir
44. Rebecca Woods
45. Wim van der Wurff
46. Susi Wurmbrand
47. Hedde Zeijlstra
48. Jan-Wouter Zwart




CGSW has taken place annually for just over thirty years (the history of the conference, maintained by Prof Jan-Wouter Zwart, can be accessed here:, and constitutes a meeting of an international community of generative syntacticians working to understand the structure of Germanic languages.




FAQ 11 - How do I change the Meta-data (authors, abstract etc)that appears on the presentations list

To change meta-data of your paper on the online system, go to and click on the relevant paper, then select "EDIT METADATA" .

Posted: 2016-09-28

FAQ 9 - Which guidelines should I use to prepare my poster.

Click here for poster guidelines  
Posted: 2016-09-19 More...

FAQ 3 - When and how must I submit my paper for final review?


When you are ready, please upload your revised manuscript before or on 2017-08-15 as if it is an entire new submission to the FINAL REVIEW track via A new submission number will be issued.

Please use this opportunity to make sure that all authors are linked to the paper.

Also, provide us then with your final abstract. This abstract will be pushed into the public domain as soon as your paper is finally accepted.

Kindly also update your user profile in terms of affiliation, a picture of yourself and a 50-150 word biographical statement , which can be used to introduce you at the conference. This abstract as well as your biographical statement will be pushed into the public domain as soon as your paper is finally accepted.

The sooner is it is uploaded, the sooner it will be sent out to reviewers.

Posted: 2016-08-01

FAQ 9 - Must I attach comments to alert the reviewers concerning changes made?

It is always a good idea to alert reviewers to changes made. You are welcome to add MS-Word comments - and even "track changes" to the Camera-Ready version. We will forward these comments to the reviewers, but erase it from the camera-ready version.

Posted: 2016-08-01

FAQ 8 - Should the Final Review Manuscript be ready for BLIND review? Must the author details be included or excluded?


Please prepare the Final Review Manuscript as Camera-Ready as possible, including name and affiliation of authors, but keep it in MS-Word format.

We will save the Camera-Ready version on out system, but then distribute a blind version to the reviewers, in which we erased the names of authors.


Posted: 2016-08-01
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