SUNConferences, 29th Annual Conference of SAIIE

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Antonie Stols, Charl Cilliers, J F van Rensburg

Last modified: 2018-10-09


The South African gold mining industry is currently under a lot of financial pressure due to electricity tariff increases, strikes, increased minimum wages and volatile commodity prices. Besides decreasing electricity consumption, mining companies have started looking towards improved maintenance strategies to reduce the operational costs of mines.There are a great variety of maintenance strategies being used in different industries worldwide. In the South African mining sector, maintenance strategies are however not being implemented according to any specific process. This also applies to the condition monitoring of machines, which serves as the foundation of a properly structured and efficient maintenance strategy. There are different possible causes for this, which are different for each mine. Some mines lack proper infrastructure for monitoring machine conditions, while others simply do not have the required technical resources to implement and maintain a proper condition monitoring system.Specialised condition monitoring systems are also expensive to implement and maintain, while requiring continuous manual user input to analyse and identify machine deterioration. This paper will therefore focus on developing an implementation process for a basic remote condition monitoring system on South African gold mines. This process will include the implementation of an alarm notification process that can be used to structure the maintenance strategy.The developed process was used to deploy the same basic condition monitoring system on different South African gold mines within the same mining group. The resulting system was further used to centralise condition monitoring data from these mines for easier access and simplified reporting.

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