SUNConferences, 29th Annual Conference of SAIIE

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Variety for Complexity: I.T. Project Methodology Customization
Steyn De Wet

Last modified: 2018-09-25


The Multi-Level Model of the Large, Complex IT Project.

Popular approaches to the management of large, complex IT projects are inadequate in describing and enabling the formation and take-up of optimally customized project management methodologies. Before new tools and methods are developed in response, an enriched theoretical construct of the large, complex IT project is required. This is proposed as the Multi-Level Model of the Large, Complex IT Project.

Among 29 main project management methodologies investigated, all describe the project as a defined initiative that can be viewed and interpreted from one level – the project’s level.

The Multi-Level Model is proposed to allow for the large, complex project to be interpreted, planned for and managed uniquely on every inter- and intra-organisational level at which a function of the project is delivered. This highly customisable approach allows for different parts of the project to each be subjected to an optimally customized methodology, offering a valuable advantage over the single approach per project or portfolio. The spirit of the time may lean towards deconstruction and simplified approaches, but the Multi-Level Model rather offers the requisite variety in order navigate complexity.