The dialogue will focus on the legislative framework for soil data collection and data sharing between government and private data owners. In this instance the experience of INRA, France is of particular interest, since it has access to data collected by private land owners. This data is used for national situation analysis and planning. The utilization of soil information for decision support in South Africa as adpted in the EU presents an interesting experience. In this case the EU experience is particularly important to facilitate interaction and collaboration between different government departments and industry partners at national and provincial level in SA focused on land use. In South Africa the respective departments include, but are not limited to: DAFF, DEA, DRDLR. Best practice examples from the EU should be carefully studied along with best practice shown at national and provincial level in RSA. The dialogue will proceed as a series of workshops in South Africa and one visit to the JRC-EU, ISRIC and policy center in Brussels by the expert staff of the SA government departments identified by the departmets themselves. Synopsis: Awareness of the value of soil information has to be improved across the SA government departments dealing with land use. A new strategy is required to facilitate the use of existing and collection of new soil information. Capacity building in government departments and training of technical staff is necessary to ensure well-informed evidence-based decision making in the matters of land utilization.