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Understanding the impact and application of Industrial Engineering principles: A South African case
Kemlall Ramdass, Kgabo K.Mokgohloa, Fulufhelo Nemavhola

Last modified: 2019-08-28


Industrial engineering is the application of scientific principles in the design, development, improvement, implementation and maintenance of integrated systems of men, materials, machines and money for process optimisation. It extracts expert knowledge and skills from physical sciences and mathematics infused with the principles of engineering analysis to maximise system utilisation. The South African economy is plagued with inefficiencies and it is with this in mind that the study was conducted.The University of South Africa is in an advantageous position to disseminate the qualification in Industrial Engineering that will impact the economy, however, the enrolment figures portray poor faculty. The research aimed to determine awareness and understanding of industrial engineering as a field among students in order to understand the factors that might be responsiblefor low enrolment and graduation rates using quantitative analysis. In addition, the curriculum was evaluated to determine its relevance and responsiveness.

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