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Use of scientific ergonomic programs to improve organisational performance
Riashna Roopnarain, Mendon Dewa, Dr KR Ramdass

Last modified: 2019-08-29


The packaging industry is characterised by ineffective ergonomic programs that are inadequately implemented thereby failing to yield benefits in the organisations. The aim of the study is to determine the effect scientific ergonomic programs have on an organisations overall performance by incorporating and aligning these programmes with the organisation’s business strategy. An exploratory qualitative research method was used for three sites of a packaging liquid company in South Africa using a sample of 70 participants from the production and engineering departments. It was found that several factors have hindered the effective implementation of ergonomics in the packaging industry, and these include awareness, personnel considerations, technological changes,resources constraints, poor communication and disconnection between employees and equipment designers. It was recommended that the organization should orientate and train employees on ergonomics and effect workstation redesign to accommodate variation in employees’ body profiles so as to enhance the organisation’s overall performance.

Author: Riashna Roopnarain (Durban University of Technology)Mendon Dewa, mendond University of Technology)K Ramdass … UNISA