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A general approach to develop and assess models estimating coal energy content
Chantelle van Aarde, Andries Gustav Stephanus Gous, Marius Kleingeld

Last modified: 2019-09-12


The energy content of process materials is an important indicator for energy efficiency on industrial facilities. Energy content can be quantified by the gross calorific value (GCV) but the measuring process can be time-consuming and expensive. More accessible variables are used throughout literature as an alternative to model GCVs. However, the approach to develop such models is inconsistent and it is difficult to objectively compare the results.


This paper develops an approach to develop new alternative GCV models. Fundamentals from industry “best practices” are consolidated to develop new alternative models in a consistent manner. The approach further enables the objective comparison between model characteristics and subsequent results.


New alternative models were developed with errors below 2.63% using this approach. Visual comparison between model characteristics allows for objective and practical evaluation, thereby enabling industries to determine the energy content of materials in a consistent, accurate and alternative manner.

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