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Optimising deep-level mine heat load profiles
Diaan Nell

Last modified: 2019-08-30


Deep-level mining is under severe financial pressure due to several unique challenges. One of these challenges is to maintain acceptable underground temperatures for humans to work in.

As mines regularly reach new depths, more heat is introduced which fuels the ever-growing problem. Accurate heat load studies need to be conducted to ensure that heat sources are actively managed. However, previous heat load studies are based on design parameters as well as old empirical data and assumptions. It is therefore evident that vast scope for optimisation exists. This potential optimisation benefit can only be realised through compliance with standards such as industry 4.0.

This study explores the optimising potential of dynamic heat load profiles and serves as an alternative approach to estimate and manage mine heat loads. It also focusses on the heat impact of mine mechanisation, and the heat challenges industry will face going forward.