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Reducing parcel processing times by means of the lean methodology
Meelan Roopa, Rojanette Coetzee

Last modified: 2019-08-30


The parcel industry holds potential in improving customer service levels and is tasked with reacting to increasing e-commerce platforms nationwide. The aim of this study is therefore to improve the processing times of a local courier department using a lean approach and consequently improving their customer service delivery levels.

The DMADV methodology was followed, utilising Therblig classifiers, value stream mapping, root cause analysis, a Pareto chart, an Ishikawa diagram and a V-model. The investigation revealed that the long processing times were owed to high levels of transcribing, leading to the implementation of an electronic barcode system. The electronic system was successful in reducing the 12 Therblig classifiers by 33% on average.

However, the overall lead times were not reduced significantly, thus emphasising the challenges associated with implementing new technology without the parallel human skills development, which is pivotal for ensuring the success of any improvement initiative.

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