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A framework for a decision support tool in an agile agricultural environment
Jolene Wium, Joubert van Eeden, James Bekker

Last modified: 2019-08-28


Supply planning in table grape production is difficult due to long lead times from planting to production with variable yields. Market agility for producers is important due to market volatility while diversified income streams and markets lower a producer's risk. Strategic managers need to ensure market demand match the harvest available through planning cultivar diversity. Tactical managers need to realise the strategy through carefully scheduling harvest and labour plans. These plans are created manually through a cumbersome and sub-optimal process. Operations managers need to implement this plan, however face day-to-day challenges not accounted for in the tactical plan. Agile decision making at tactical and operational levels are needed to work around obstacles in a complex decision space. In this work the characteristics of a decision support system (DSS) needed for tactical and operational decisions is explored and a framework for creating such a DSS based on current literature is provided.

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