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A decision model to support theatre allocation for non-elective patients in a private hospital
Chantelle Du Plessis, Maria Van Zyl, Hasan Darwish

Last modified: 2019-09-11


Operating theatre planning is a very complex process due to the involvement of many stakeholders and the influence of variability on output performance measures such as financial indicators, waiting times, throughput and utilization.

In addition to this, the unforeseen arrival of patients in need of non-elective surgeries may cause a thoroughly planned operating theatre schedule to change with each arrival. This may have an influence on efficiency, utilization and waiting time between surgeries. The purpose of the study is to offer a solution to this problem by determining which allocation policy for patients in need of non-elective surgery will be best suited for this private hospital. The policy should ensure a balance between scheduling patients for elective surgery and responding to the arrival of patients in need of non-elective surgery, and should contribute towards the utilization of the operating theatres.

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