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A control processes to sustain electrical cost savings on a water reticulation system in spite of critical component failures
Bertie Pascoe, J H van Laar, Johann F van Rensburg

Last modified: 2019-09-12


Equipment failures are common in mining due to the harsh environmental conditions. Failures may create unsafe scenarios in which energy savings control strategies are abandoned. This may lead to a loss of savings due to extended repair periods. A process was developed to mitigate this problem by using historical operational data to develop strategies to ensure safe underground conditions, while critical component failures occur.  This provides alternative control processes for sustaining electricity cost savings. The selected strategy, for different failures, will firstly ensure safe operational conditions and secondly focus on any possible electricity cost savings, which will otherwise be lost due to critical component failures. These processes were implemented on a gold mine in South Africa, which led to an annual electricity cost savings of approximately R3.8 million. These savings were possible while maintaining safe operational conditions during failures, and without capital expenditure required for implementation.

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