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The need for a dynamic mission-ready resource allocation solution
Bernard Cornelius Leuvennink, James Bekker

Last modified: 2019-09-14


The mission-ready resource allocation (MRRA) problem is well defined in the field of operational research.  Resources are available and can be used to complete missions.  Each resource has an associated lifting cost and the aim is to minimise the total lifting cost to complete all missions.  A thorough literature study was done in this field to get a good understanding of the techniques used to solve the generic MRRA problem.  This gave an indication of where a gap could be found for further research to benefit the field.  From this it became clear that the MRRA problem have been introduced and solved as a static problem, since it was originally used in military operations that have a static nature.  However, modern real life problems are often dynamic and a literature study was done to get more insight as to how a dynamic MRRA problem can be implemented in different socio-economic environments.


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