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Healthcare Data Management in Developing Countries: A Systematic Review
Laubscher van der Merwe, Wouter Bam, Imke De Kock

Last modified: 2019-08-30


There are many healthcare data management challenges in developing countries. These challenges have a major effect on the quality of healthcare service delivery. Therefore, it is very important to determine the most prominent healthcare data management challenges in developing countries to be able to address the right challenges effectively and efficiently. This paper discusses some of the prevalent healthcare data management challenges in developing countries through a systematic literature review. Scopus was used to retrieve literature on these healthcare data management challenges. The initial search was done on 16 April 2019 and yielded a total of 162 articles. The search terms included “data processing”, “data management”, “data administration”, “data handling”, “data control”, “information management”, “healthcare”, “Health care”, “south africa*”, “developing countr*”, “challenge*”, “problem*” and “issue*”. After the exclusion process the eventual number of articles was 62. The structured literature review was used to scope all the different healthcare challenges. The challenges were categorized into different data management categories and data management challenges subcategories using Excel. The most prevalent healthcare data management challenges were identified from literature using the Excel scope of challenges. The literature review methodology is explained, then the study selection and characteristics of the results are described, followed by the analysis and discussion of the scope of healthcare data management challenges.

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