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Simulating variables that cause disturbances in arterial roads
Zanele Promise Mpanza, Andre Nel, Melusi Khumalo

Last modified: 2019-09-11


Disturbances on the roadways are a major issue in South Africa especially in busy arterial roads. The disturbances include amongst others taxis stopping for loading and unloading, street trading, and traffic lights malfunction. Also, in Johannesburg roads, there is a growing number of recyclers who pull trolleys. The recyclers make a living out of this as it is their source of income but it unfortunately interferes with traffic flow. These disturbances tend to limit the drivers’ choice of speed thereby interrupting the traffic flow, which in turn reduces the entire performance of traffic operations. It is therefore important that the city develops new methodologies to assist in planning and analyzing roadways to accommodate these types of disturbances.  In this study, we identify all the factors that cause disturbances on arterial roads. We then simulate all these variables to measure their effect.

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