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Lean manufacturing implementation: The case of Gauteng Small-and-Medium Enterprises
Goodwell Muyengwa, Amukelani Baloyi, Robin Mabunda

Last modified: 2019-08-21


This study investigates lean manufacturing amongst South African small, medium and micro (SMMEs) manufacturing enterprises based in Gauteng Province. Lean is widely regarded as a proven productivity improvement methodology, yet its impact on South African SMMEs remains relatively unknown. The study used a mixed method approach. Survey data was analyzed using statistical methods from 32 responses received from SMMEs in various manufacturing sectors. Interviews were conducted with management and workshop employees. The results revealed that most SMMEs experienced short term successes which did not exceed three years and this implies that they failed to sustain the gains of lean manufacturing.  Factors found to have a positive impact on the success and sustainability of Lean implementations were: change management; adequate budget; resources with appropriate skills; senior leadership commitment; and adherence to implementation plan. These results contribute to the lean implementation theory and can be used as a guide by lean practitioners.

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