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A technology based Supply Chain Management [An engineering technologist approach to SCM design]
Ngaka Mosia

Last modified: 2019-08-30


The evolution of purchasing resulted into the concept of supply chain management. Supply chain management links all the supply activities and the organizations in an integrated two-way communication system. The increase in global interconnectedness and interdependency, demands a dynamic technological innovation process for supply chain management. Technology brings a new evolution that requires a different type of analysis and a management process. The new paradigm is technology driven and integrates supply chain management activities. The paradigm comprise of the original two-way communication between the original three tenants of a supply chain (suppliers, Manufacturing and Customers). The advent of technology brings with additions to the original supply chain management components, these additional components include the external environment (PESTE) impact, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and technology enhanced manufacturing.  This qualitative research paper will present a new model of supply chain management that will highlight the impact of technology on supply chain.

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