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Application of lean principles in the South African Construction Industry
ISABELLAH MARADZANO, Stephen Matope, Richmore Aron Dondofema

Last modified: 2019-08-29


South Africa is a developing country investing billions of rands annually in the Construction Industry. The Construction Industry consumes resources and inevitably waste is generated during the process. Although numerous approaches have been developed to improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness in this Industry, lean principles offer the promise to minimize and/or eliminate non-value adding work thereby increasing value for the client. This study is a survey on publications with regards to application of lean principles in South African Construction Industry .The author wants to understand the level of application of lean in this Industry and the current frameworks being used.  The study intends to use systematic review methodology and the databases that will be used are Scopus, Web of Science, Science direct and Google scholar.  The study concludes by highlighting the gaps identified during this survey and recommendations.