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Fibre network planning with retractable cable technologies
Ruan Luies, Stephanus E Terblanche

Last modified: 2019-08-26


The passive optical network (PON) planning problem involves the computation of facility locations, such as splitters and central offices, and the placement of optical fibres in order to service demand points (optical network units). The objective of the PON planning problem is the minimisation of overall deployment cost. Traditional PON planning models assume the flexibility of single fibre configuration without having to take into account deployment specific constraints. In this paper, a PON network planning model is proposed which specifically incorporates the use of retractable cable technologies for fibre deployment. The computational results presented in this paper demonstrate the restrictive effect that retractable cable technologies may have on PON network configurations as well as the expected cost implications. Furthermore, initial results also suggest that a significant increase in computing times may be expected when computing solutions for PON planning problems that incorporate retractable cable technologies.

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