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Integration of Catenary Tracer to Assess Train Catenary Conditions of High Speed Trains
Mpho Salamina Lelala Mnguni, Daramy Vandi Von Kallon

Last modified: 2019-08-21


This study focusses on integrating a catenary tracer system that assesses the condition of the catenary wire (overhead wire) at Gibela rail, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The catenary tracer device measures the wear of the overhead contact wire and provides continuous monitoring of the catenary. Integration of this system is shown to reduce the overhead system maintenance costs, and prevents unforeseen service interruptions. At present a huge labor force is employed to continuously inspect every meter of the high voltage 3 kV contact wire throughout the electrified system. The data of the catenary wire is collected by a laser scanner mounted in a housing bracket on the roof of the train. At the same time the data acquisition box acquires the speed from the speed sensors and the vibration signals from the accelerometer sensors mounted on the bogies. The system is designed to continuously collect this data, synchronize it all through computation and store it until it can be downloaded for routinization. The collected raw data is analyzed and loaded to the depot server and compared to a reference to determine if maintenance on the catenary wire is required. The analysis of the collected data is presented herein.


Keywords: Train catenary wire, Catenary tracer device, System maintenance, Condition Monitoring of Catenary Wire

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