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Using multi criteria decision making for humanitarian planning during a last miles relief supply in SADC
Jean-Claude Munyaka Baraka, Sarma Yadavalli, Ranil Singh, mendon dewa

Last modified: 2019-08-21


SADC has seen in the past decades an increase in droughts disasters causing thousands livestock’s death, and triggering major food, water shortages with related impacts on livelihood and businesses. With future prediction pointing toward aggravation of climate variability, this research intends to provide SADC and the world with a practical decision making mechanism capable of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the regional relief operations. The study aims is the optimization of the pre-positioned relief supplies and demands in facility locations across SADC. The objective is to upgrade the regional humanitarian disaster planning and the drought disaster response capacities. The multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) and location criteria for site selection are utilized to minimize the multiple relief items, response times, capacity restrictions while maximizing the satisfied relief demand to the pre-positioned destinations.

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