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Influence of Impeller Blade Count on the Performance of Centrifugal Pumps
Motsi Ephrey Matlakala, Daramy Vandi Von Kallon

Last modified: 2019-09-11


The objective of this project is to design an impeller with the correct number of blades that will be able to carry enough quantity of water through discharge.  The selection for the suitable material of the impeller is taken into consideration and the other requirement was to design an impeller with the suitable diameter to improve the performance of the centrifugal pump. Three impellers with different number of blades were designed to satisfy the aim of the project. The research was done on the different impellers that are currently functional in the water industry and also look into the materials that this impellers work best from when considering all the properties that might damage the impeller and also cause decay to the designs. From the calculations and simulation results it is observed that as the number of blades increases on the impeller the performance of the pump decreases. For material selection Gunmetal is found to be a suitable material that is used to manufacture impellers and it also helps protects the impeller from corrosion.

Keywords: Centrifugal pumps, pump performance, pump design parameters, Material selection criteria.

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