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A Strategic Framework for Start-Up Medical Device Manufacturing Companies in South Africa
Bernadette Patricia Sunjka, Ishan Maharaj

Last modified: 2019-08-29


Healthcare is a critical area for service delivery in South Africa. To achieve the strategic objectives set out by the Department of Trade and Industry, it is vital to increase South Africa’s medical device manufacturing capacity. Despite governmental efforts to increase manufacturing capacity in South Africa through grant schemes, funding schemes, exports and other incentives, the proportion of imported goods to the total market size is still increasing. The South African medical device industry is a highly competitive industry and small companies stagnate or are not able to survive. Although this is a growing industry in South Africa, there are diminishing numbers of new local manufacturing firms.

The reluctance of local manufacturers could be attributed to several factors including the lack of directive or strategic frameworks, the regulatory atmosphere and other competitive forces that may be experienced within the industry. To increase South Africa’s manufacturing capacity within the medical device industry, it is important to understand the contributing factors to firms’ reluctance to enter this market.