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Design and Manufacture of solar powered grass trimmer
Mothibeli Pita

Last modified: 2019-08-28


Commoly grass cutter machines are operated by fuel and electrical energy, which are expensive and need high maintenance. The purpose of the study is to design and manufacture a solar powered grass trimmer which uses free energy, less noise and to eliminate air pollution. The system is environmentally friendly and uses free energy from the sun. The grass trimmer uses 12V 100AH battery to power grass cutter of 12V DC motor of 1800W. A solar panel 1000V system voltage was used to charge the battery so that there is no need of charging it externally. Solar charge controller of 20A was used to control the energy coming into the battery. the machine uses wire blade to cut the grass. The machine can run for almost two hours when there is no sun, when it is fully charged.

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