The 31st Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW31) and associated events (28 November – 3 December 2016)

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

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Pre-conference Seminar taught by Roland Hinterhölzl & Ian Roberts

LocationJ.S. Gericke Library Auditorium

Monday 28 November

 Prof Roland Hinterhölzl (Venice) – Information Structure and anaphoric relations in VP ellipsis


Session I


Session II



Tuesday 29 November

Prof Ian Roberts (Cambridge) – Rethinking comparative syntax: is there a future for parameters?


Session I


Session II







Formal Linguistics in South Africa: a Partial Snapshot

LocationJ.S. Gericke Library Auditorium


Wednesday 30 November

8.30-9.10am: Johan Oosthuizen (Stellenbosch) On Establishing Coreference in Left-Dislocation Constructions

9.10-9.50am: Peter Msaka (Stellenbosch) The locus of the noun class/gender feature in Chichewa 

9.50-10.20am: Alexander Andrason (Stellenbosch) Semantic maps and syntax


10.20-11am: Break


11-11.30am: Manne Bylund (Stellenbosch) Grammatical aspect and motion event cognition

11.30am-12.10pm: Erin Pretorius (Stellenbosch/Utrecht) Word Order in P as an interaction between Spellout Domains and Lexicalisation

12.10-12.30pm: Johann Potgieter (Stellenbosch) In (the) front of the bus: Analysis of structural ambiguity in Mandarin locative expressions

12.30-1pm: Marie-Louise van Heukelum (Stellenbosch) Does the Initial Hypothesis of Syntax take precedence over cross-linguistic influence in SLA? A case study involving English and Xhosa L1-acquirers of Mandarin


1-2pm: LUNCH


2-2.40pm: Robyn Berghoff (Stellenbosch) Two types of gradability: Insights from an Afrikaans degree modifier

2.40-3.10pm: Sheena Shah (SOAS), Erika Herrmann (UCT) & Theresa Biberauer (Cambridge/Stellenbosch) Ich bin beschäftigt um das zu tun: on some morphosyntactic peculiarities of Kroondal German

3.10-3.40pm: Andrew Bevis (KwaZulu-Natal): Verb-stranding verb phrase ellipsis in Zulu


3.40-4pm: COFFEE BREAK


4-4.30pm: Nancy Kula (Essex) & Kristina Riedel (Bloemfontein) Are subjects topics in Bantu? Evidence from intonation

4.30-5.10pm: Vicki Carstens (Southern Illinois) & Jochen Zeller (KwaZulu-Natal) Phrase-final focus particles and the LCA 







LocationJ.S. Gericke Library Auditorium

Thursday 1 December

9.30-10.30am: Peter Svenonius & Kristine Bentzen (Tromsø): There is syntactic head movement, but it isn't movement


10.30-11am: COFFEE BREAK


11am-12pm: Edwin Williams (Princeton): Syntactic Structure and Compositionality







Thursday 1 December

Location: Attie van Wyk Auditorium, Theology Faculty

12-12.45pm: Registration

12.45-1pm: Welcome


1-1.40pm: Merete Anderssen (Tromsø) & Marit Westergaard (Tromsø & Trondheim) Complexity, Frequency and Cross-linguistic Influence in Heritage Language: Subject Shift and Object Shift in Norwegian

1.40-2.20pm: Katja Barnickel & Johannes Hein (Leipzig) Replication of R-pronouns in German dialects

2.20-3pm: Lukasz Jedrzejowski (Cologne) Case-specifying conditionals in Germanic: "In-case"-clauses in English vs. "falls"-clauses in German


3-3.30pm: Refreshment break  


3.30-4.10pm: Andrew Weir (Trondheim) Phrasal pronominalization and intra-Germanic variation in predicate 'that'-anaphora

4.10-4.50pm: William Harwood (KU Leuven), Marko Hladnik (Utrecht), Sterre Leufkens (Utrecht) & Tanja Temmerman (Université Saint-Louis & KU Leuven) There’s nothing special about the syntax of idioms (With new evidence from Dutch dialects) Speed session featuring our 2 alternates


5-5.30pm: Mark de Vos (Rhodes): Deriving Holmberg’s Generalization as an optimal solution to a linearization paradox

5.30-6pm: Halldor Sigurdsson (Lund): Gender/gender


WELCOME DRINKS at the Warenmarkt 



Friday 2 December

Location: Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies/STIAS



8.30-9.30am: Invited Speaker - Roland Hinterhölzl (Venice) What are subjects good for?

9.30-10.10am: Jeroen van Craenenbroeck (KU Leuven) & Marjo van Koppen (Utrecht) Microvariation and Parameter Hierarchies


10.10-10.30am: Refreshments


10.30-11.10am: Virve Vihman (Manchester & Tarttu) & George Walkden (Manchester) Germanic syntax beyond Germanic? V2 “violations” in Estonian and in Kiezdeutsch

11.10-11.50am: Marit Westergaard (Tromsø & Trondheim), Terje Lohndal (Trondheim & Tromsø) & Artemis Alexiadou (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin & ZAS) The asymmetric nature of V2: Evidence from learner languages

11.50-12.30pm: Rebecca Woods (Huddersfield) & Tom Roeper (UMass) Subject-auxiliary inversion, how movement blocks propositionality, and child language


12.30-1.30pm: Lunch


1.30-2.10pm: Sjef Barbiers (Meertens & Utrecht) Restructuring Bridges

2.10-2.50pm: Josef Bayer & Uwe Braun (Konstanz): German Discourse Particles in Sentential Infinitives

2.50-3.30pm: David Hall (QMUL): The impersonal gets personal: An insight into the nature of person through a new pronoun in Multicultural London English


3.30-4.30pm: Refreshments and Posters  


George Walkden (Manchester): The Person-Case Constraint in Old English

Melissa Farasyn (Ghent): Apparent competing agreement patterns in Middle Low German non-restrictive relative clauses

Terje Lohndal, Tor A. Aafarli, Maren Berg Grimstad, Brita Ramsevik Riksem (Trondheim): Word-internal language mixing, late insertion and underspecification

Aaron Doliana & Sandhya Sundaresan (Leipzig): Proxy Control

Remus Gergel (Saarland): The syntax and semantics of the decompositional cycle


4.30-5.30pm: Invited Speaker Tarald Taraldsen (Tromsø) – Noun Phrase Ellipsis, gender and the count/mass distinction 





Saturday 3 December

Location: Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies/STIAS


8.30-9am: COFFEE


9-10am: Invited Speaker Jason Merchant (Chicago) The Afrikaans final negative particle as a negative isotopic, VP-level clitic

10-10.40am: Andreas Pankau (Freie Universität Berlin): Sluicing as pre-movement deletion


10.40-11am: Refreshments  


11-11.40am: Susi Wurmbrand (UConn): Gender agreement in nominal ellipsis - evidence for a dual φ-feature system

11.40-12.20pm: Andrew Murphy (Leipzig): Pronominal inflection and NP ellipsis in German

12.20-1pm: Jan-Wouter Zwart (Groningen) Parasitic participles and ellipsis in VP-focus pseudo-clefts


1-2pm: Lunch


2-2.40pm: Martin Salzmann (Leipzig) Displaced Morphology in German: Evidence for post-syntactic morphology

2.40-3.20pm: Thomas McFadden (ZAS): The Late Modern English BE perfect, lexical restrictions and the participial structures

3.20-4pm: Anne Breitbarth & Elisabeth Witzenhausen (Ghent): Then or than: on the origin of exceptive denn in German


4-4.30pm: Refreshments  


4.30-5.10pm: Gillian Ramchand (Tromsø): The Interaction of Modals and Negation: Learning from idiosyncratic microvariation

5.10-5.50pm: Hedde Zeijlstra (Göttingen): On the syntax of weak and strong polarity items: evidence from English and Dutch


5.50-6pm: Closing remarks and baie dankies