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"Jamessnota" (2019-08-22)

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As for the plot twist or the double reversal or whatever it is that comes toward the end of the film, I’m dying to debate that but of course I won’t, except to say that it’s completely misguided and makes “Birdman” feel like an immensely ambitious gimmick that finally crashes to earth. I think the movie is far more interesting, more daring and more deeply confused than its dopey magic-realist escape valve. It is a work devoured by its own ambition, consumed by the very thing it vilifies. It’s obvious Oscar bait – a mid-budget showbiz satire, loaded with stars – that decries the Oscar process, in the words of Hunter’s critic character, as a bunch of vain and empty people giving each other awards for cartoons and pornography. (That’s not something an actual critic would ever say: Oscar movies are often terrible, but not in that precise way.) It’s a work of sparkling, witty entertainment that yearns to soar above all such things, even though its hero and its creator both know how the Icarus story ends. - Air Max 95 Varsity Red

Daily Show correspondent and comedian Aasif Mandvi gave the keynote talk at Wednesday evening’s annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner, and did not retreat from harshly criticizing the U.S. for racism and Islamophobia. - Cheap Jordan 11 Retro "Bred"

It’s impolite to talk about money. Perhaps that’s why, when we discuss the history of slavery in this country, we tend to talk about racism, and paternalism, and the way that awful social institutions?just stick around, those pesky buggers — talk about anything, that is, except for the profits.

“Inside Rehab” is by no means a wholesale indictment of the twelve steps or even of residential rehab — although Fletcher believes that only a very small minority of addicts actually benefit from the latter. (Most, she concludes, need to learn to stay sober in “daily reality,” and outpatient rehab has just as high a success rate while costing much less.) But her book is a damning look at a reductive cult of the twelve steps that has emerged since the early days of AA. Anyone in the unfortunately position of needing her advice on how to find the best addiction treatment will find this book invaluable, but the rest of us have a lot to learn from it as well. - Jordan Hydro 5 Slide Cheap - LeBron 16 Watch The Throne - Air Max TN Shoes