SUNConferences, Computers and Industrial Engineering 42

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Designing Industrial Engineering Education in a Developing Country
Roy Snaddon, Samuel John

Last modified: 2012-06-25


Designing Industrial Engineering Education in a Developing Country:  The Case of the Polytechnic of Namibia. 

This paper describes an unfolding task to bring tertiary education in Industrial Engineering (IE) to Namibia. It describes the situation in Namibia and notes the history of IE development at the Polytechnic, and then a decision to start at the level of Master is added. Following a classical design approach, the development of such a degree is described including benchmarking of appropriate programmes and evaluations from academics and industrialists. The resulting programme has elements to make it flexible and competitive with degrees elsewhere.  Remarks, lessons learned and a conclusion end the paper. As this is a single case, it does not purport to offer general conclusions but rather raises questions for those involved in similar exercises.

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