SUNConferences, Computers and Industrial Engineering 42

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Automation Of Work Studies: An Evaluation of Methods For A Computer Vision Based System
Donald Lloyd van Blommestein, Andre Francois van der Merwe, Dewald Swart, Stephen Matope

Last modified: 2012-06-29


In many South African industries there is still a high dependency on labour. The performance of labour is, therefore, vital if profitability is to be ensured. Traditionally performance measurements such as time studies and work sampling have been performed manually. This is a costly and tedious exercise. Recent developments in computer vision have facilitated the automation of labour performance measurements. Low cost three dimensional cameras and open source computer vision software platforms enable the complete automation of work study procedures.  This is achieved by manipulating images in real time which facilitates the tracking of workers and work pieces. Location and time data from the tracking can then be analysed and used to evaluate labour performance.  This paper explores two computer vision based approaches, one based on work sampling and the other on the time study method. The advantages, limitations, complexities and cost factors of each are explored culminating in a proposal for an improved system.

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