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Safety Of Machinery In Hospitals: An Exploratory Study
Francois Gauthier

Last modified: 2012-06-24


Machine related hazardous situations are still resulting in many serious accidents in industries.  For example, around 13000 accidents involving machines take place every year in the province of Quebec, Canada.  Even if safety of machinery is a major concern in the manufacturing sector, machines are also present in many other fields of activities, including healthcare.  Indeed, machine related risks and accidents are also present in hospitals.  In this particular environment, machines such as food preparation equipment, laundry equipment, HVAC equipment, lifts and elevators and maintenance related machinery and tools are commonly used.  With the importance of machine related accidents, the risk management practices for safety of machinery in the manufacturing sector are well known and documented.  However, there is very little knowledge about the importance of machinery related risks and their management practices in the case of hospitals.  The exploratory study presented this paper proposes to address (i) the detailed statistics of machinery related accidents in hospitals; (ii) the characteristics of the machines used and their inherent hazards; and (iii) the level of integration of risk management practices for safety of machinery in hospitals, such as risk assessment, machine safeguarding, safe work procedures, training and personal protective equipment.