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Discrete Event Simulation Modeling To Improve Productivity On An Automotive Production Line
Jean-Claude Munyaka Baraka, Andrew Kisten Naicker, Ranil Singh

Last modified: 2012-06-25


Discrete event simulation modeling is an extremely useful tool in helping decision makers in making operative, tactical and strategic decisions. The quick evaluation of possible scenarios in order to identify potential areas of improvement in a system is a pre-requisite in a globally competitive manufacturing environment. In instances were simulation technology is not used the critical evaluation of complex production lines becomes a time-consuming and tedious exercise.

The work presented in this case study is the development of a simulation model of a complex manufacturing automotive production line. “SIMUL8” was the discrete event simulation modeling software used in the case study presented.  The systematic analysis was conducted on the simulation model in order to identify areas of in-efficiency related to labour utilization and production capacity. From the analysis it was established that improvements could be made to labour utilization through a re-distribution of work content as well as production capacity through the elimination of work stoppages and delays.

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