SUNConferences, Computers and Industrial Engineering 42

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Lean Based Facility Lay-out Design: Application and Experiences in the South African Automotive Industry
Robert Pokote Mutyavavire, Charles Mbohwa, Khutso Sepuru

Last modified: 2012-03-13


Manufacturing and Service Enterprises are currently subject to fierce global competition. Market forces are increasingly dictating quality products at a decreasing cost and significantly reduced lead times. In the face of converging product designs and associated production processes, plant efficiency and productivity is increasingly a direct function of respective facility lay-out design and material handling systems. The Plant lay-out problem faced by manufacturers today is developing and sustaining an optimized plant lay-out design against a background of rapidly changing products and process designs. The assumption held is that an efficient plant yields a cost competitive advantage. In this paper, we detail measurable benefits of systematically integrating Lean principles into plant Lay-out design strategies. Lean based techniques including cause and affect analysis and Value Stream Mapping were employed to enhance traditional facility lay-out design approaches. This approach was tried for the case of a surface defects rework cell within a South African Automotive manufacturer.