SUNConferences, Computers and Industrial Engineering 42

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A Coordination and Optimization Method for Multi-Bridge Waterjet Cutting Processes
Jun Li, Qirui Sun, Xianzhong Dai

Last modified: 2012-06-20


Recently, the rapidly increasing demand for cutting of large-sized flat workpieces calls for the emergence of large waterjet cutting mathine tools. Multi-bridge waterjet cutting machines are one of the perferred solutions. However, there must be an overlap between the work areas of any pair of adjacent bridges with a workhead in a multi-bridge  machine to ensure that no dead zones exist when cutting. It means that a pair of adjacent bridges may collide with each other over the superposed processing area and results in damages or a breakdown of the machine. It is an interference problem that a multi-bridge machine suffers from. This paper proposes a novel coordination policy to avoid interference. In the policy, the dimensional overlap of any two adjacent bridges is transformed into those of their processing time. By shifting the processing time sequences to eliminate the time overlaps so as to avoid collision between the two corresponding bridges. Subsequently, to enhance reliability of the system, a GA-based optimization algorithm cooperated with the coordination policy is explained to schedule the multiple cutting paths of a multi-bridge machine to minimize the total of latent coordination. The presented method is applied into a case to show its validity.

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