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The ABC of Comprehending Business Process Performance
Antonie van Rensburg

Last modified: 2012-06-21


Many buzz words are used in business process modelling and optimisation initiatives. In the past twenty years, business process optimisation has established itself in large corporations, mainly in the business analysis domain. However, it does seem that except for fancy computer software modelling toolsets, most business analysts are still stuck in drawing complicated business process flowcharts, rather than addressing real business process performance issues. The real science of business processes depends on the basic building blocks of servers, entities, queues, processes and networks. In this paper I will introduce the ABC of understanding dynamic business process performance, and the standard indicators one can use to understand the physics of the business processes. Using an extract from a project management database over six years inclusive of nine hundred projects, I will show how this basic definition can be used to alter business process performance in a dramatic way without spending huge change management efforts.

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