SUNConferences, Computers and Industrial Engineering 42

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Use of Van-der-Waals Forces Actuated Polyurethane Micro-grippers in the Handling of IC Micro-components
Matthew John Arderne, Stephen Matope, Andre Van der Merwe, Lungile Nyanga

Last modified: 2012-06-18


The handling of integrated circuit (IC) micro-parts is a great challenge in micro-assembly of electronics micro-components. The micro-parts adhere to the two-fingered mechanical grippers commonly used, and in the event that they are released precision is comprised. In some cases the micro-parts are strained or broken during the handling operations.  The paper presents a solution through the use of Van-der-Waals forces actuated polyurethane grippers. These grippers are advantageous in that they do not leave residual stresses, charges and strains on the handled IC micro-components.  They afford precision position of micro-parts and provide the necessary working space for soldering operations. A motoman robot coupled with polyurethane micro-grippers was used to pick, transfer and place micro-parts ranging from 10 mm down to 500 µm in the micro-assembly of IC micro-components.

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