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Enhanced Neighborhood Structure for Multi Periods Inventory Routing Problem Model with Time Varying Demand
Noor Hasnah Moin, Huda Zurah Ab Halim

Last modified: 2012-06-20


The problem  addressed  in this study is a many-to-one  distribution  network  consisting  of an assembly  plant  and  many geographically dispersed  suppliers where each supplier supplies distinct product to the assembly plant. It is based on a finite horizon, multi-periods, multi-suppliers and multi-products where a fleet of capacitated homogeneous vehicles, housed at a depot, transport parts from the suppliers to meet the demand specified b y the assembly plant in each period.The problem is formulated as a mixed integer programming problem and is solved to obtain the lower bound for each problem considered. We propose a solution method based on the Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) where several heuristics are incorporated at various stages of the algorithm. The algorithm constructs the neighborhood using a Traveling Salesman giant tour and clusters are built using Dijktra’s algorithm for finding the shortest path.  The algorithm embeds λ-interchange heuristics as local search. The algorithm is run on several problems from the literature and it is observed the algorithm produces competitive results in a relatively shorter time. The lower bounds fail to give any significant results for large problems. 

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