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A Comparative Study of a Euclidean Distance Algorithm and Pre-emptive Multi-objective Modelling for Disaster Relief - a Case Study for the SADC
Estelle Van Wyk, Sarma Yadavalli

Last modified: 2012-06-27


Somalia, a country situated in Eastern Africa has been struggling between rival warlords and an inability to deal with famine. Diseases have resulted to the deaths of up to millions of people. According to a New York Times article on 25 November 2011, Somalia has become a suffering and failed state. The inadequate infrastructure and poorly planned logistics of Somalia may lead to the destruction of the country.

To address these concerns, it is necessary that humanitarian aid is pre-positioned to provide victims with sufficient relief.  This paper is a comparison study of two mathematical models – Euclidean distance algorithm and the pre-emptive multi objective algorithm. The two models provide generic means to identify the types and quantities of aid supplies required in pre-positioning facilities in countries such as Somalia. This paper also aims to compare and identify an appropriate method for inventory management for disaster relief, providing enhanced solutions to be implemented.

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