SUNConferences, Computers and Industrial Engineering 42

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Information Technology Application To Enable Business Renewal And Modernisation
Hanno van Wyk, Konrad von Leipzig

Last modified: 2012-06-25


This paper focuses on the increasingly important role played by Information Technology (IT) in business renewal. IT is an operational and integrated design necessity for efficient business functioning at multiple tiers. The mythological ‘golden thread’ to seamlessly connect various business functions and industries seems to be a realisable possibility with modern technology, yet the facilitation and successful implementation of such a system requires very high resource and skill levels. The more informed client, global macroeconomic situation, resistance to change and long term viability perceptions create implementation stumbling blocks for many. With the increasing availability and complexity of platforms, architecture systems and application technologies, decisions are not only becoming more costly, but could threaten an organisations survival. IT implementation drivers include audit ability, visibility, real time decision making and transparency. The integration of distribution networks, supply chain importance, design and setup of higher level service information tools, costs reduction factors and quality standardisation enablers will be examined. IT functionality, specificity and value adding, forms the basis of this paper. Human factors and the shift towards mobile and cloud technologies are also discussed, with special emphasis on the South African Health Sector.

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