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Integrated Management Systems - how PAS55/ ISO 55000 fits into the bigger picture
Leon Erasmus

Last modified: 2012-06-27


The management of engineering assets such as facilities and equipment can be a challenging task and optimising their usage is critical. To ensure effective utilisation of an asset, management  has to make effective decisions regarding systems to assist in the management of  the asset lifecycle. A plethora of standards have emerged to assist the horizontal and vertical integration of such systems. Within the asset management field several leading bodies and consortiums are focusing on standards development. The international organisation for standardisation (ISO) as the leading standards bodies that are active in the development of management systems standards, with the introduction of PAS55 as a soon to be ISO standard, to standardise the road to effective asset management. The objective of this presentation is to propose an approach for decision makers to develop an effective alignment of existing management systems with a PAS55/ ISO 55000 compliant asset management system. Further to provide a comprehensive review of standards relevant to the integration of asset management systems by (1) determining the body of knowledge and associated competencies, (2) requiring the use of systemic, information-driven, risk-based decision-making to improve competitive advantage and reduce costs.

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