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Scheduling And Optimization Model Of Emergency Relief Supplies In The Constraint-Based Multi-Objective: Service Quality Perspective
Siqing Shan, Zhongjun Hu, Zhonghui Mao

Last modified: 2012-06-27


This paper studies the scheduling and optimization problems of emergency relief supplies. The minimum material response time and minimum transportation costs are the two major considerations in most studies. The factor of the affected population demand for relief supplies is considered in the scheduling model of emergency relief supplies from the service quality perspective. On the basis of the study, a multi-objective scheduling model of emergency relief supplies is proposed. The paper present an optimization strategy based on a step-by-step method and a two-dimensional Euclidean distance objective weighting algorithm is present in order to solve the multi-objective scheduling problem. To validate the proposed model, this paper conducts a case study on Wenchuan earthquake. The case study demonstrates that the scheduling model and the optimization strategy can provide effective methodological guidance for the scheduling of emergency relief supplies

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