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New Vaal Campaign Mining Project
Andre de Jager, Shuping Makgathe

Last modified: 2012-07-04


Anglo American Thermal Coal’s Khulisa Project was launched at New Vaal Colliery during 2011. One of the findings from the gap analysis was made to increase waste removal activities.  The study revealed that in order for NVC to maintain 17.8 million saleable tonnes per annum for the remainder of the LOM, waste stripping requirements would have to be maintained at 8 million BMC’s per year by truck and shovel. 

The Khulisa studies called for a smarter way of doing things. With the current resources, mining conditions and available labour considered, more effective measures were necessary. The concept that was chosen is referred to as Campaign Mining.

The heartbeat of campaign mining is optimising machines and people, operating in optimal conditions with minimum interruptions. In order for this to occur, already identified Critical areas were identified and prioritised for optimal resource allocation.

A trial period was undertaken during the months of November 2011 to March 2012 realizing a 26% improvement in the production figures.